All parents are expected to contribute to the support of their student and the band by participating on a committee and chaperoning at least one event.

Any adult who chaperones or volunteers in a capacity where he or she is in contact with students MUST be an approved Volusia county Schools volunteer. Please visit the county website here to register.

By-laws: This committee will meet at least one time between January and April. The committee will be responsible for reviewing the current by-laws and proposing any amendments, edits, or deletions and present these for approval at the April general booster meeting.

Breakfast with Santa: This committee will work in conjunction with the Fundraising Coordinator to plan the organization’s major fundraiser and will meet as necessary beginning in October.

Chaperones & Volunteers: This committee will meet as is necessary to perform its duties. Its primary responsibility will be to maintain a volunteer binder, enlist the proper number of chaperones for each event, assign a head chaperone, and ensure each has an identification badge.

Equipment & Trailer: This committee will meet frequently during the fall season and as needed thereafter. It will see to the good condition of the band trailer and equipment such as toolboxes notifying the vice president of needed repairs, maintenance, and concerns as well as schedule properly licensed drivers for the trailer to all scheduled activities. The members of this committee will assist students with the loading, unloading, set-up, and removal of all marching band equipment from the band trailer and see to the repair or replacement of equipment and construction of props as recommended by the band director and/or staff.

Fundraising: This committee will meet throughout the year to coordinate fundraising events that will support the needs of the band.

Historian: This committee may have only one active member and may not need to meet . It will maintain information in the form of pictures, programs and videos (if able) documenting the history and performances of the Pine Ridge High School Marching Band.

Nominating: This committee will meet in November and January. It will be responsible for soliciting nominations for the offices of president, vice president, treasurer, fundraising coordinator and secretary.

Props Committee:

Publicity, Newsletter, Technology & Information: This committee will meet as needed throughout the year. Its primary responsibility will be keeping this site and Yahoo group up to date, creating and maintaining a positive image of the band throughout the community and producing a newsletter pertaining to band activities at least three times per year. Much of the work can be done from home!

Special Events, Recruitment, & Retention: This committee will meet as needed throughout the year. It will coordinate special events such as parent preview night during band camp, senior night, and the end of the year band banquet (or picnic) as well as any other special events. It shall be responsible for generating and maintaining interest in the band and promoting growth. It will organize 8th grade night and future freshman night as well as work with middle school contacts.

Spring Trip: This committee's primary responsibility is to research, plan, and organize a band trip in the spring of 2012. It will begin meeting no later than August.

Uniform: This committee shall meet as necessary but will be most active from band camp through football season and FBA. It will be responsible for fitting students with uniforms at the beginning of marching season, coordinating the cleaning of the uniforms two-three times per season, and arranging the necessary repairs and supplies for the maintenance of uniforms. This committee will coordinate the handout of uniforms before each performance and organize and maintain the uniform room in an orderly fashion.