The By-Laws of the Pine Ridge High School Band Boosters
The name of the organization shall be Pine Ridge High School Band Boosters.
The principle office of the organization shall be located at PineRidgeHigh School, Deltona Florida and its address shall be 926 Howland Boulevard, Deltona, Florida32738.
The purpose of this organization shall be:
  1. 1. to provide moral, social, and monetary support to the Pine Ridge High School Marching and Concert Bands;
  2. 2. to support and work with the band director and staff;
  3. 3. to be a good steward of the band’s finances;
  4. 4. to promote a better informed parent body and parental understanding of students’ obligations within the band organization;
  5. 5. to provide fellowship for parents, supporters, staff, and students;
  6. 6. to promote the band within the community of Deltona;
  7. 7. to encourage band members and help promote enthusiasm and pride in band membership.

Section 1: The Pine Ridge Band Boosters is a voluntary organization and will not provide monetary compensation for its membership under any circumstances. However, the organization may elect to offer a gift or award for services rendered to any director, officer, or individual who shall make meaningful contribution to the organization. Individuals may be reimbursed as outlined in these by-laws.
Section 2: Band booster meetings will not be forums for discussing band policies or decisions made by the band director. They will exist to share information and plan events and fundraising projects. Persons with individual concerns will be encouraged to make an appointment with the band director.
Section 3: Band booster members will work together in a cooperative and positive manner to support the goals of the organization as stated in Article III.
Section 4: A committee shall review the by-laws of the organization by the end of each March. The committee will make any necessary amendments, corrections, or deletions and present these for approval at the April general booster meeting. They will be voted on by a quorum of the general membership and passed with 50%+1 vote of the active members present. The proposed amendments, corrections, or deletions will be read to the general membership and entered into the minutes before the vote is taken.
Section 5: These by-laws may be amended or replaced at any regular booster meeting by a two-thirds vote of all active members present but a minimum of eight members. The proposed amendment, corrections, or deletions must have been submitted in writing, entered into the minutes, and read at the previous meeting.
Section 6: The band director and executive officers shall work together to set an annual budget, purchase and maintain property, and perform other administrative duties that are necessary for running a quality band program. No executive officer, including the band director, may make purchases without the knowledge and approval of the other officers. Any expenditure over $75.00 must go through the approval process as outlined in these by-laws, even if it has been written into the annual budget. In addition, all purchase orders must be signed by the band director and at least one board member before the purchase is made and the money is disbursed. The only exception to this will be an emergency fund to which the band director will have full access in order to make purchases that prevent or resolve severe hindrances to the performance of his/her job. The band director may access the fund to make emergency purchases at his or her discretion without prior approval; whereas, he will notify the executive board as soon as possible.
Section 7: The band director shall have final say in the creative aspects of the band program such as the selection of the marching show and music to be performed. The band director shall also have autonomy in designing and implementing policies regarding academic standards and student behavior.
Section 8: Band equipment, such as the trailer, is to only be used for the benefit of the band.
Section 1: Membership shall be open to all parents and families who are interested in supporting the purpose and policies of the organization as outlined above. They must meet the guidelines for active or honorary membership as listed below.
Section 2: All members of the organization will be responsible for following the code of conduct and policies and procedures established by Volusia County Schools. Members will be expected to present themselves as role models for the band members at all times and exhibit proper decorum at all band functions. At no time will profanity or abusive behavior by one of the members be tolerated. If such behavior is witnessed the person runs the risk of being ejected from the organization following an investigation and meeting of the executive board.
Section 3: Active members who have voting privileges shall constitute those who meet at least 3 of the 4 following criteria:
  1. 1. have paid the $25.00 booster membership fee each year (which is included as part of the student’s band fee) *excluding reeds, gloves, shoes, and other personal effects.
  2. 2. serve on one committee
  3. 3. participate in at least one band activity or attended a Band Parent Meeting to support the program
  4. 4. have at least one current band student
Section 4: Band alumni, school principals, the band director, band staff, and interested sponsors/community members are considered honorary members of the organization. They do not pay an annual fee nor do they have voting privileges.
Section 5: The term for general booster membership shall be for one year starting in June and ending the following June.
Section 6: The presence of ten percent of the active membership (not to include the executive board) at a general booster meeting shall be deemed to constitute a quorum.
Section 7: Unless a greater number is required in these by-laws, the vote of 50% +1 of active members present at a general meeting, at which a quorum is present, is required to adopt positions. In the absence of a quorum, the executive board, with the exception of the band director, shall stand as general members in order to vote on issues that are time sensitive or cannot be tabled until the next month’s meeting, and it will be noted in the meeting minutes.
Section 8: Any member of the Pine Ridge Band Boosters may be suspended for a period or expelled for cause, such as a violation of these by-laws or policies or for conduct that is detrimental to the organization. Decisions pertaining to suspension or expulsion of booster members shall be made by the executive board, provided that the member shall be given an opportunity to present a defense at a meeting of the board prior to his or her suspension / expulsion.
Section 9: Any member may resign at any time from the organization by providing written notice to the secretary of the organization. The resignation will be effective immediately upon receipt, and the resigning member will be removed from the active membership roster and any further communications from the organization.
Section 10: Any member, active or honorary, who engages in criminal activity during a band event or in the presence of other members or band students shall be reported to the appropriate authorities without question and may face prosecution according to the law. This includes but is not limited to theft, false representation, fraud, possession of illegal substances or weapons, and physical, mental, or sexual abuse.
Section 1: A nominating committee shall form in order to secure nominations for elections of executive officers. All nominees will be given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination before the election. Only active members may be nominated.
Section 2: The election of executive officers will take place at the March general membership meeting. All active members will be given due notice of the election. No absentee or proxy votes shall be accepted.
Section 3: Any nominees for one of the executive offices must be either present at the election or accept nomination by written notice.
Section 1: The executive officers of the Pine Ridge Band Boosters must be active members of the organization in good standing and a parent, foster parent, family member 18 years or older, or legal guardian of a current band member. No two household residents may hold an office at the same time.
Section 2: The term for each office is one calendar year starting upon completion of the end of year banquet and continuing until the next year’s banquet. No officer shall hold the same position on the board for more than two consecutive years. After the election of new officers, the outgoing officers will remain in office for no less than two months and carry the titles of past president, past vice president, past treasurer, past secretary, or past fundraising chair. The new officers will assume all duties and voting rights upon the end of year banquet; whereas, the past officers will act in an advisory capacity providing training, guidance, and assistance to the new officers as needed.
Section 3: The offices shall be president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and fundraising chair. The executive board shall consist of the officers and the band director.
Section 4: The board will be responsible for exercising the powers and controlling / maintaining the property of this organization. It will be the duty of the executive board to carry out the purposes and enforce the policies of the organization as subject to the by-laws.
Section 5: Vacancies of an officer occurring during the year may be filled by majority vote from the general membership. However, until a new officer can be elected, the remaining executive board members may select a temporary replacement.
Section 6: Any officer who misses three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings or who does not fulfill his or her duties as outlined in these by-laws without good and sufficient reason may be removed by a majority vote of the other board members. The officer shall be given due notice of pending removal and allowed an opportunity to present a defense to the board.
Section 7: Any executive board member who uses his or her position for monetary compensation, to engage in criminal activity, or in a manner that goes against the organization’s by-laws and policies shall be immediately suspended from the board and face removal by a majority vote of the remaining board members. The officer shall be given due notice of pending removal and allowed an opportunity to present a defense to the board. The board may elect to pursue legal action.
Section 8: Any officer who wishes to resign his or her position before the end of the term may do so by providing written notice to the other board members. The position will then be filled as outlined in Article VII Section 5.
Section 9: An officer who reaches the end of term, resigns, or is suspended or removed shall return all band booster property in his or her possession to the executive board immediately. This can include but is not limited to keys, documents, committee files, digital files, etc. All student, member, and sponsor information is considered confidential and all records in an officer’s possession must be relinquished upon leaving the organization.
Section 10: Duties of the President
-shall be the chief executive officer of the organization;
-shall preside at all meetings of the organization, which includes coordinating monthly board and general booster meetings and developing an agenda for all meetings;
-shall have the authority to call to order an executive board or general meeting whenever deemed necessary or petitioned to do so by members of the organization;
-shall be an ex-officio member with voting rights on all committees except the nominating and by-laws committees;
-shall coordinate the general activities of the organization with the band director;
-shall act as liaison between the Band Booster Club and the School or appoint someone to do so in his or her place;
-shall secure committee chairs and appoint positions in case of vacancy;
-shall establish special committees and appoint members as needed to meet the goals of the organization;
-shall help write the annual budget;
-shall be responsible for and report on the chaperone/volunteer and special events, recruitment, & retention committees.
Section 11: Duties of the Vice President
-shall assume the powers and duties of the president in his or her absence;
-shall serve as an ex-officio member with voting rights on all committees except the nominating and by-laws committees;
-shall assist the president upon request;
-shall assist the treasurer upon request;
-shall be responsible for maintaining a current copy the annual budget in a secure file in the band director’s office for review by the general membership upon request;
-shall help write the annual budget;
-shall be responsible for and report on the historian, uniform, and spring trip committees.
Section 12: Duties of the Treasurer
- shall receive and be custodian of all monies paid into the organization and shall keep full and accurate records of receipts, expenditures, disbursements, reimbursements, the petty cash fund, and student accounts;
-shall work with the Pine Ridge High School bookkeeper to deposit into and withdraw from the band’s internal account;
-shall pay all reimbursements and bills of the organization in a timely fashion as outlined in these by-laws;
-shall make small change available at such events as needed;
-shall report financial status of the organization at monthly board meetings including the status of student accounts;
-shall have a monthly report prepared for all general meetings that includes current net worth, income, and expenses whereas expenses are broken down into corresponding budget categories; If unable to attend a general meeting shall appoint this duty to other board member in your absence.
-shall work with sponsors to secure donations, ensure that they receive the amenities appropriate for their sponsorship level, and keep detailed records on file with contact information;
-shall provide parents with student account sheets upon request;
-shall be responsible for notifying parents in writing when a student’s band fees are overdue and work with the activities office/director to write obligations for students who owe band fees past the acceptable payment deadline. Obligations should be filed no later than March; notify the appropriate school official of any changes in the amount of an obligation, or if the student has paid, ask for the obligation to be cleared.
- shall help write the annual budget;
-shall maintain a copy of monthly reports in a record book that will be kept in a secure file in the director’s office at all times and available for review by the general membership upon request;
-shall complete an annual financial report along with supporting financial records such as invoices and receipts to be submitted by June 1 each year;
-shall work with the Prop Committee by providing a budget allocated for props, and presenting an estimate of cost to the Executive Board for approval of purchases needed for props
Section 13: Duties of the Secretary
- shall exercise the powers and duties of the president in the absence of the president and vice president.
- shall maintain and update the membership roster and keep a current copy in a secure file in the director’s office at all times;
- shall ensure a copy of the current by-laws is in a secure file in the director’s office at all times for review by the general membership upon request;
- shall notify the membership of general meetings with at least three days’ notice;
- shall notify members and/or officers of any special meetings with at least five days’ notice;
- shall be responsible for all written and e-mail correspondence to the general membership and shall handle all other correspondence as directed by the board;
- shall record the minutes and attendance for all board and general meetings;
- shall keep the agendas, records, and minutes of all meetings in a minute book in a secure file within the band director’s office for review by the general membership upon request;
- shall forward a copy of the minutes from the general meeting to the school activities’ director each month;
-shall submit approved minutes from the general meetings for posting on the band website;
- shall help write the annual budget;
- shall be responsible for and report on the Publicity, technology, and information, by-laws, and nominating committees;
-shall file a copy of all minutes and such records from the minute book that year by June 1;
-shall perform all duties needed to ensure that equipment and trailer are ready for use
Section 14: Duties of the Fundraising Chair
-shall be responsible for planning and organizing fundraisers that support the band;
-shall work closely with the treasurer to collect and deposit monies earned at fundraising activities and maintain records of student earnings;
-shall keep full and accurate records of attendance, volunteer hours, donations, receipts, and expenditures for all fundraisers;
-shall ask for approval and report on fundraising activities at monthly board meetings;
-shall have a monthly report prepared for all general meetings that includes upcoming fundraisers, results from a fundraiser that has ended, and any other pertinent information;
-shall provide parents with information about student earnings from fundraisers within 30 days of the end of the fundraiser
- shall help write the annual budget
-shall be responsible for and report on the Fundraising and Breakfast with Santa committees;
Section 15: Duties of the Band Director
-shall serve as an ex-officio member of the executive board and all committees;
-shall be responsible for the artistic aspects of the program such as the marching show, selection of music, and other performances;
-shall be responsible for all duties related to instruction and policies regarding grades and behavior;
-shall handle all trip negotiations;
-shall provide the executive board with a plan for all projected costs for the year at the annual budget meeting so that the board may plan appropriately for projected income, expenses, and fund raising;
- shall notify the executive board of intended purchases and seek approval before making any purchases with money in the PRHS Band internal account;
- shall provide the treasurer and vice president with detailed invoices, purchase orders, and receipts for each purchase made each month so that they can be reconciled with the monthly income/expense report and annual budget.
-shall meet with the executive board once per month
Section 16: Communication between executive officers
- All board members shall check their mailboxes in the band director’s office in a timely manner. Executive officers will check their mail at least once every two weeks.
Section 1: The standing committees shall be as follows:
Breakfast with Santa
Chaperones & Volunteers
Equipment & Trailer
Publicity, technology, and information
Special events, recruitment, & retention
Spring Trip
Section 2: A committee shall be a panel of active members who convene to work on projects and give advice or solicit help from the executive board. Each committee, when formed, shall organize itself and fulfill the duties as given by the executive board. Each committee shall maintain a procedure book with a job description and procedural information as well as relevant forms and materials to be passed on each year.
Section 3: The chair or representative for each committee shall be an active member, serve with a minimum of a one year term with no term limits, work within the approved budget, communicate with the committee members, and report to the assigned executive officer with the committee’s progress and needs. If there is not a chair, then the executive officer assumes responsibility for the chair’s duties.
Section 4: Committees must be composed of at least two active members unless noted otherwise in these by-laws. Members may serve on more than one committee simultaneously.
Section 5: The duties of the committees will be as follows:
By-laws: This committee will meet at least one time between January and April. There must be at least four members on this committee, fifty percent of which cannot be executive board members. The committee will be responsible for reviewing the current by-laws and proposing any amendments, edits, or deletions and present these for approval at the April general booster meeting as is stated in Article IV section 4. This committee will report to the secretary.
Breakfast with Santa: This committee will work in conjunction with the fundraising committee to plan the organization’s signature fundraiser and will meet as necessary beginning in August. The committee will be responsible for coordinating sponsors, donations, food, decorations, crafts, advertising, ticket sales, photos with Santa, letters to Santa, and any other things tied to the event. The committee will work within a budget set by the executive board. This committee will report to the Fundraising chair.
Chaperones & Volunteers: This committee will meet as is necessary to perform its duties. Its primary responsibility will be to maintain a volunteer binder that has a written set of policies and expectations for chaperones and volunteers, a list of volunteers and chaperones from the active membership roster, completed volunteer forms for all, and a list of each event with the assigned chaperones and their contact information. Copies of the binder’s contents shall be kept in a secure location in the band room at all times. This committee will enlist the proper number of chaperones for each event, assign a head chaperone, and ensure each has an identification badge. The committee will submit monthly volunteer forms to the school. This committee will report to the president.
Equipment & Trailer: This committee will meet frequently during the fall season and as needed thereafter. This committee will see to the general maintenance of the band trailer and equipment. It will notify the vice president or secretary of needed repairs, maintenance, and concerns as well as schedule properly licensed drivers for the trailer to all scheduled activities. The members of this committee will assist students with the loading, unloading, set-up, and removal of all marching band equipment from the band trailer and see to the repair or replacement of equipment
Fundraising: This committee will meet throughout the year to coordinate fundraising events that will support the needs of the band as set forth by the executive board. It shall oversee and execute fund raising projects, making sure that they are in accordance with Volusia County School Board policies. This committee must present all fundraising ideas to the executive board for approval and then apply for approval with the PRHS activities director before undertaking them. This committee will also be responsible for securing and maintaining the banners for sponsors who have paid. This committee will report to the Fundraising chair.
Historian: This committee may have only one active member and may not need to meet formally. It will maintain information in the form of pictures, programs and videos (if able) documenting the history and performances of the Pine Ridge High School Band. The Historian will provide this information at various functions when needed to promote interest in the marching band. The historian may work with other committees as appropriate. This committee will report to the vice president.
Nominating: This committee will meet between November and January. It will consist of at least three but no more than five active members, none of which may be officers. This committee will be responsible for soliciting nominations for the offices of president, vice president, treasurer, fundraising chair, and secretary. It will notify the active membership at the November meeting that nominations are being accepted. The committee shall determine the manner in which it will accept nominations. The committee will meet in February to create a slate of nominees, ensure that all nominees have given their consent, and present the list to the band director for approval. At the election in March, the nominating committee chair shall read the list of nominees to the membership in attendance. This committee will report to the secretary. *In the absence of a committee, the secretary will assume the role of gathering nominations.
Publicity, Technology & Information: This committee will meet as needed throughout the year. The members will keep the band booster website and social media up to date as well as post any new information as set forth by the executive board. Its other responsibility will be creating and maintaining a positive image of the band throughout the community. The chair shall notify the media of upcoming band performances and other events. This committee will also be responsible for producing a newsletter pertaining to band activities at least three times per year in August, December, and April, or as deemed necessary by the executive board. The newsletter will be distributed to the general membership in the most efficient manner possible as outlined by the executive board. This committee will report to the secretary.
Special Events, Recruitment & Retention: This committee will meet as needed throughout the year. It will coordinate special events such as parent preview night during band camp, 8th grade night, senior night, future freshman night, and the end of the year band banquet (or picnic) as well as any other special events deemed appropriate by the president. This committee will operate within an appropriate budget for each event as set forth by the executive board. It shall also be responsible for generating and maintaining interest in the band and promoting growth. This committee shall work closely with the band director and middle school contacts in order to reach out to future band students. This committee will work to generate activities and events that will foster band pride and enthusiasm in current band students. This committee will report to the president.
Spring Trip: This committee will meet as needed throughout the year starting no later than August. It will research, plan, and organize the spring trip. The committee will present its findings to the executive board for approval before December and work closely with the fundraising chair to coordinate trip costs with fundraising activities. The committee and vice president shall present all necessary information to the band director so that he or she may handle trip negotiations, and it will provide assistance as requested. This committee will report to the vice president.
Uniform: This committee shall meet as necessary but will be most active from band camp through football season and FBA. It will be responsible for fitting students with uniforms at the beginning of marching season, coordinating the cleaning of the uniforms two-three times per season, and arranging the necessary repairs and supplies for the maintenance of uniforms. This committee will coordinate the handout of uniforms before each performance and organize and maintain the uniform room in an orderly fashion. The chair of this committee shall keep an up to date uniform roster and inventory list in the band room. This committee will report to the vice president.
Prop: This committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the band director to perform its duties in assisting the band director on designing and construction of props for band performances. They will be responsible to provide an estimate of materials needed, within the allowed budget, to the board for approval.
Section 5: Special committees may be appointed by the executive board as required to promote the objectives and interests of the organization.
Section 1: Executive board meetings shall be held once per month, during the school year, at the time and location set by the president. All executive board meetings are open to observation by the general membership but only the officers may discuss or vote on issues.
Section 2: General membership meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of every month August through November and January through May in the PRHS Band Room at 7 PM. The secretary will send a meeting notice to all active members and post it on the website at least three days before the meeting is to take place. The notice shall outline, summarize, and/or explain any voting issues or major discussion points. If the meeting date or time must be changed, at least ten days’ notice will be given.
Section 3: General booster meetings shall be kept as close to sixty minutes as is possible.
Section 4: The March meeting shall be considered the annual meeting and include elections for executive board members. The May meeting will include presentation of the band director’s plans for band camp and other band activities during the forthcoming school year and a review of the organization’s activities and budget for the current year by the executive board. The August meeting will include important information about marching season, band fees, and paperwork the parents need to complete and sign as well as presentation of the annual budget for approval. The January, March, May and August meetings will be mandatory for parents.
Section 5: The president or band director may call special meetings; whereas ten days’ notice is given to the general membership.
Section 6: The order of business at all meetings shall be:
(a) Approval of the previous meeting’s minutes (with due notice minutes may be distributed to the general membership or posted on the website prior to the meeting for all to read; otherwise, they must be read to the general membership at the meeting before approval.)
(b) Reports of officers to include reports of committees, if any
(c) Old or unfinished business
(d) New business
(e) Adjournment
Section 1: The fiscal year of this organization shall be August through July.
Section 2: The annual budget shall be set by the executive board and presented at the general membership meeting in September. The executive board, including the band director, will adhere to the approved budget as closely as possible. Any expenditure that exceeds $75.00 of the amount set forth in the annual budget must be voted on and approved by the general membership before it is made unless otherwise outlined in these by-laws.
Section 3: The executive board will be responsible for setting a reasonable budget for each committee’s operating expenses. Anything beyond that will require formal approval by the board.
Section 4: All Non-budgeted expenditures must first be approved by the executive board and then presented to the general membership for approval.
Section 5: Purchases and other expenditures will be discussed for approval at each monthly board meeting. All purchase requests must be submitted in writing to the president before the monthly board meeting so that they may be included in the agenda. Items that are not submitted at least three days before the meeting will be tabled until the following month. The request must include the vendor, the amount, and the reason for the purchase. The request will be kept on file with the meeting minutes.
Section 6: There will be an emergency fund designated solely for the band director’s use. The band director may access this fund at his or her discretion in order to make emergency purchases that cannot wait for the approval process as outlined in these by-laws. Such purchases may include maintenance, repairs, and purchases of instruments and equipment as well as the purchase of music. Each budget year, the executive board, including the band director, shall work to set the limit of the fund. The money in this fund will not carry over to the following year, and any surplus at the end of the budget year shall revert back to the general fund until the next annual budget meeting where the executive board, including the band director, shall re-evaluate and set the limit for that year. Once the fund has been depleted, all future purchases, regardless of time sensitivity, must go through the approval process as outlined in sections 2 and 5.
Section 7: The treasurer shall handle all disbursements and payments in cooperation with the school bookkeeper and approval by the executive board. All executive officers, including the band director, shall provide copies of itemized invoices, purchase orders, or receipts for all purchases no later than the last day of the month in which they were made.
Section 8: Reimbursements may not be issued if they were not pre-approved by the band director or the executive board. Any active member seeking reimbursement must submit a form explaining the purchase/expense and receipt (not a copy) to the treasurer who will then bring it before the executive board for approval. At least two officers must sign off on all reimbursements.
Section 9: No monies or funds of the organization shall be kept in any bank or location other than the band’s internal account at PRHS with the exception of a petty cash fund that will remain in a secure location in the band director's office at all times and will not exceed $200.00. All checks, drafts, and orders for payment of money upon organization funds shall have two executive board member’s signatures. No cash shall be removed from the lock box in the director’s office unless at least two executive officers are present to count and sign for receipt of the money. Petty cash fund must be counted at every board meeting by two members of the board.
Section 10: A special account will be designated for students in need. Any student who needs assistance paying his or her band fees and has made a good faith effort to fundraise may submit an application to the band director and executive board who will then decide whether to approve or reject the request. Money will not be applied to student account until after an effort to fundraise has been shown and all other criteria have been met.
Section 11: Reimbursements of mileage maybe issued to those using their personal vehicle for volunteer travel to and from a band event. However the following restrictions apply: vehicle must be needed for event, route of travel is to be predetermined by executive board, mileage will only be calculated to and from the event using Pine Ridge High School address as a starting point, and rate of reimbursement will follow the same as the Volusia County School Board using the county form for reimbursements.
Section 1: Each student will have an account as long as he or she is an active member of the band. The band fees that the student pays and any monies he or she earns fundraising will go into this account. Once the obligations for the current year have been met, the balance in the student’s account shall carry over for the next year, as long as the student continues to be an active member of the band. These funds may then be used towards the balance of the upcoming year’s band fees. The funds may not be used for personal use.
Section 2: Band students who move or graduate and do not have any remaining obligations may choose to transfer their remaining balance to a sibling that is or will be an active band member the following year. They may also elect to donate the balance to a special account designated exclusively to benefit students in need. If not, the balance will revert to the general fund.
Section 3: Students will not receive a refund of any band fees paid into the account, or any surplus in the account from fundraising and other such activities, except in extreme situations, which will be determined by the executive board and band director.
Section 4: All students are expected to pay the established band fee for the entire school year. Students joining band after the end of the 1st semester of the school year will be obligated to pay one third of the full established band fee. Students who participate in any portion of the 1st semester only (ie. band camp and/or marching season) will be obligated to pay two-thirds of the full established band fee. Obligations will be submitted to the school for any unpaid fees.
Section 1: The treasurer, fundraising chair, and fundraising committee shall work together.
Section 2: All fundraising ideas must be brought to the executive board and then presented at general membership meeting for approval. They must also be submitted to the school activities director.
Section 3: The profit split for each fundraiser shall be determined by the executive board and presented for approval at the general membership meeting before the fundraiser is to take place. It may be changed once the fundraiser has ended if the executive board determines that the monies earned varied greatly from what was projected. The general membership will be made aware of all changes no later than the next general meeting.
Section 4: At least two active executive members will count and sign off on the money collected from a fundraiser. This money will then be given to the treasurer for deposit in the band’s account.
Section 5: In conjunction with fundraising activities, the executive board may authorize the purchase of equipment under unusual circumstances to better enable the group to function in its role as a fundraiser with approval by the general membership delayed until the next regularly scheduled meeting.
Section 1: Copies of by-laws, minutes, notices, budgets, financial reports, and membership information shall be stored for a period of seven years in a secure location in the band room.
Section 1: In the event that the organization is no longer required or able to carry out the purposes set forth in Article III of these by-laws, the organization may be dissolved by majority vote of the executive board.
Section 2: Upon the dissolution of the organization, the executive board shall, after paying all liabilities, distribute all of the assets of the association to the Pine Ridge High School Band Department.